At Infinity Dental we are passionate about helping the people of Murray, Utah, and surrounding areas feel confident about their smiles. In helping patients maintain oral health and complete dental restorations, some talk to us about how they would like to change the appearance of their smile. In our office, we offer many aesthetic dental treatments to completely improve one’s smile, one of which being Invisalign.

How Does it Work?

Just like traditional braces, Invisalign works to straighten teeth and close unwanted gaps over time. Invisalign, or more commonly known as “clear braces” has been able to help our patients obtain a straight smile without having to have metal brackets or wires.

Once you and the dentist have discussed and decided that Invisalign is right for you, you will start your treatment. You will be given multiple sets of Invisalign, or to better understand, sets of clear retainer-looking trays that you will wear on your teeth for a set amount of time. Each set of Invisalign will be moving your teeth more into place.

Designated length and when to change to a new set of Invisalign will be discussed with you by the dentist. Invisalign is able to work all day and night, other than when the patient is eating, to keep teeth moving in the right direction.

Benefits of Invisalign

Some patients have anxiety or even self-esteem issues surrounding metal braces. With Invisalign, they are completely clear and very hard to see, the patient will be able to obtain straight teeth with little to no unwanted attention.

With traditional braces, appointments to tighten wires are needed to keep the constant pull of the braces. Invisalign limits the number of visits you have to pay to the office due to the sets of Invisalign given for the whole process.

Because Invisalign can be removed when eating, there are no limits to the types of food you are allowed to eat.

Wanting a straighter smile is very common and it is important to us at Infinity Dental that we help our patients obtain their perfect smile. If you are in Murray, Utah, and have been considering Invisalign, please reach out to us!