Once you step foot into Infinity Dental we guarantee that your teeth are in the best hands they could be in, in Murray, Utah. In our office, we emphasize and prioritize helping our patients with preventative dentistry and restorative dentistry when dental issues arise.

Depending on your specific dental problem and the severity, there are different restorative dental procedures available to restore your teeth to their original beautiful form. Restorations are a variety of ways the dentist can restore or replace missing teeth or portions of teeth.

General Restorative Procedures

Fillings: Cavities happen when debris accumulates and causes the tooth to start to decay in a certain area. Catching a cavity early on helps prevent the growth of the cavity and further damage from happening. Once a cavity is spotted and diagnosed by the dentist, removal of the cavity and a filling is the restorative procedure.

A filling is a tooth-colored dental material that fills the space after the cavity is removed. Being just as strong as your original teeth, the filling helps protect other cavities from forming.

Dental Crowns: In the situation where the cavity wasn’t caught early on and has damaged most of the tooth a dental crown might be the recommended restorative treatment. Crowns are artificial custom-made “caps” that will act as the new outer surface of your tooth. When crowns are chosen as the best restorative option, usually most of the tooth would have had to be removed to remove all decay.

Dental Implants & Bridges: These restorations are used in the case of a missing tooth or many missing teeth. Both procedures involve full artificial teeth to be made and used to fill in your smile.

Having a tooth that needs restorations is common and if caught early can be a minor and easy procedure. By coming into our office for your bi-yearly cleanings and examinations, our dentist will be able to diagnose dental issues early on.

If you have a tooth problem that hasn’t been diagnosed please contact our office Infinity Dental to schedule an appointment. Helping the families of Murray, Utah keep excellent oral health is what we excel at. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.